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Technology has an amazing way of connecting people and helping us to reach heights we didn't even know we could.  Technology has opened up new worlds, but it is just the beginning.  Studies have shown that technology continues to be the vehicle to level the playing field between those who are struggling and those who are not. 

The Martin Jahnsen Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit and was started to help those who can benefit from technology, but struggle to afford it. Our goal is to make an impact through the use of technology making a college degree or a better job attainable, someone’s day a little better, their life a little easier and their struggles a little less.

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Our three main campaigns

"Tech Packs" for College Student


"Tech Packs" as we call it was the first campaign that started the Martin Jahnsen foundation.  Our tech packs include an iPad, keyboard, backpack and accessories to help deserving students be successful in their college careers.  The Martin Jahnsen Foundation is also committed to helping the environment and does this by providing used equipment giving that equipment a second life.  These devices are only delivered to qualified recipients after vigorous testing and inspection.  This ensures that the recipient gets a quality product and keeps technology out of our landfills.

iPads for Those with Disabilities Campaign


Reports and studies have shown that iPads are an important tool to assist and enhance learning for anyone with a disability.   The Martin Jahnsen Foundation is proud to support this campaign.  The goal of this campaign is to provide iPads to those with learning disabilities who otherwise could not afford them. We see an opportunity to provide assistance and have an impact in this area. 

Energy Efficiency Campaign


An important part of the Martin Jahnsen Foundation is to help protect the environment and technology can play a big part in that.  In this campaign we like to partner with individuals in need and organizations who are making a difference in their community.  We provide energy efficiency products in order to cut down on energy use thereby cutting down on monthly utility costs.  We have also partnered with to offset the carbon created by the The Martin Jahnsen Foundation.   

Organizations that we support


The Martin Jahnsen Foundation looks to find ways to help those in need.  Sometimes it is best to partner with like-minded groups who are helping others in their own way.  We are always  looking to partner with those groups who have also chosen to provide technology which will have an impact on the lives of the vulnerable and underserved.​


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