The Sharing Place's iPads Delivered

After our successful GofundMe campaign we were able to buy two new iPads that The Sharing Place is going to use to help their clients and local community.  We are grateful for the support and donations given by so many to help us provide this to The Sharing Place.  We hope that they enjoy the new iPads and find many wonderful uses for them.

Another Successful GoFundMe Campaign!

Two months ago we set out to help The Sharing Place get two new iPads.  They were using very old iPads for training, counseling and fundraising, but the age of the iPads kept from taking full advantage of the potential that technology could provide them.  After a few months and with the help of many who donated we

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What A Sweet Donation.

This week we received a donation from Sweet Scrolls in Logan, Utah which we in turn gave to ASSERT to use as another auction item for their upcoming raffle at the First Dam Pancake Run.  Proceeds from this raffle go directly to ASSERT and we are grateful to once again be able to support their commitment to the community.  We are also grateful to Sweet Scrolls for their donation.  Check them out. 

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Raffle coming this fall!

This fall we are putting together an awesome opportunity to raise funds for our nonprofit.  We are so lucky to have been given some amazing prizes  from the community.  Look forward to this event as we get closer. 

Another Donation to ASSERT

We love helping ASSERT.  It's an autism program in Logan, Utah which helps kids and families with autism.  In August they are going to run a 5k and 10k with precedes going to their cause.  We were able to donate close to $300 in raffle prizes, including AirPods and other items, for their raffle.  We hope that these items can raise funds to support their cause.  

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Daybreak Farmers Market

We were donated a space at the local Daybreak farmers market this month.  It was a great opportunity to raise awareness about what we do and  money for the nonprofit.  We are grateful to the Daybreak farmers market for giving us the opportunity and for the Hex Press who made a custom logo for us to sell.

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School of Excellence iPad donation

We were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to help the School of Excellence add iPads to their new initiative of tech learning for kids with autism and other learning disabilities.  We are grateful to have been a small part fo their future plans for tech in the classroom and can't way to see how their students respond to it.  

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The Joshua School iPad Donation

This month we had the opportunity to donate iPads to the Joshua School in Denver Colorado.  It was an awesome opportunity to support a small independent school whose mission it is to support kids in the community with learning disabilities including autism.  These iPads are a huge tool for the students at this school, but because the are a small independent charter school funding is harder to come by.   We are grateful to be able to be a small part of their mission to help those in their community.  A BIG THANKS to OtterBox who provided the school with their amazingly indestructible cases. 

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We are Looking for Donors

We are always looking for donors to help us continue to do the work we do in the community.  You can make a donation on our website, but you can also check out our webstore where we have products for sale to show your support.  All proceeds from the sale of these products goes to the foundation.  If you can't donate right now think about sharing what we do with your friends.  Thank you for your support.  

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Donation from GoFundMe campaign

UPDATE: Spectrum Academy GoFundMe

We were able to deliver 5 iPads to the Spectrum Academy thanks to the generous donations from the community through the GoFundMe campaign.  The Campaign was able to raise $1125 while The Martin Jahnsen Foundation paid the 7% GoFundMe fees and donated an additional amount needed.  In total this campaign raised $1,285.41

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Book Drive for the local

We had an opportunity to support a local chapter of the We were able to donate close to 50 books that where high on this chapter's wanted list.  Little groups like this can do a lot to help with literacy and confidence in a neighborhood and we love the ability to share with our neighbors. It's a great way to do a little to help in your own community. 

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Book Drive for Project Sleep Tight

We also had the opportunity to do a second book drive this summer for Project Sleep Tight.  This organization was looking for chapter books for kids aged 9-12 and we were Abel to provide over 50 books for their project.  What they do is create tote bags with things students would need to be successful including a book.  It's our small way in helping the local community and other non-profits making a difference. 

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Utah Grizzlies Hockey Night!

This fall we are going to partner with the Utah Grizzlies at one of their games.  The Grizzlies will be offering tickets at reduced rates with a portion of proceeds from ticket sales going to the Martin Jahnsen Foundation.  What a great opportunity to have a fun night while supporting what we do.  We can't wait!

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Millie's Princess Foundation 5K Run Sponsor

From time to time we partner with organizations who do good in the community and this is why we are partnering with Millie's Princess Foundation Run.  Millie's Princess Foundation takes a tragic event and turns it into something amazing that helps lots of kids and we love that.  This year we raised over $500 for this organization. 


GoFundMe Campaign for The Sharing Place

We are once again partnering with The Sharing Place to help them update their iPads.  They use iPads within their organization to support their goals and mission, but their iPads are old, sluggish and outdated.   New iPads would help them to do what they need to do and so much more.  We have started a GoFundMe campaign in order to help this organization get the funds to do this.  Can't wait to update you further. 

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iPad Event with Best Buy

The Martin Jahnsen Foundation was fortunate enough to partner with a local Best Buy store to help us award iPads to families.  This was a great opportunity for the Martin Jahnsen Foundation and Best Buy to give back to the local community.  

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iPad Giveaway in April 2018

Every year we open an iPad application event where we donate iPads to families who could benefit from the technology to make their lives a little easier. 

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LED Makeover

Energy efficiency is something very important to The Martin Jahnsen Foundation and we promote this with our "LED Makeover".  This campaign looks for businesses or individuals who could benefit from replacing their traditional lightbulbs with LED bulbs.  It's one small way to help reduce our energy consumption while helping individuals and organizations save money.

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Spectrum Academy

We were able to partner with the Spectrum Academy to donate iPads to families who attend the academy.  The Spectrum Academy is the oldest and largest charter school for children with disabilities.  A BIG THANKS to OtterBox who provided the school with their amazingly indestructible cases. 

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The Autism Support Services, Education, Research, and Training (ASSERT) program at Utah State University

We partnered with the ASSERT school in Logan Utah in order to provide the school with iPads that they can use as an alternative communication device, for receptive and expressive academic programs, for reinforcement/rewards and other assessments as well.  A BIG THANKS to OtterBox who provided the school with their amazingly indestructible cases. 


GoFundMe Campaign for Spectrum Academy

$1125 RAISED THE FOR SPECTRUM ACADEMY.  In April we partnered with The Spectrum Academy again to try to raise funds to provide more iPads to the academy.  We not only broke our goal of $1000 we beat it by $125!  This helped to provide The Spectrum Academy with iPads they could use with their students in class.  These extra units are going to be a huge help for students and teachers ofd The Spectrum Academy. 

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Ongoing Tree Planting Partnership

We have partnered with to have 50 trees planted in the US.  It's a small amount, but we hope that even this small contribution to our environment can help for generations to come.  Just like the Martin Jahnsen Foundation which is a small non-profit, not large enough to support the needs of the community, but as those planted trees grow so will The Martin Jahnsen Foundation.  Who knows what we can do once we grow.  We will continue to donate to this cause from time to time.  

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Carbon Offset for The Martin Jahnsen Foundation

We are proud to announce that The Martin Jahnsen Foundation is offsetting it's carbon footprint with a partnership through  This means that we are doing our small part to make this world a little better for all. 

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The Martin Jahnsen Foundation is Now on Renewable Energy

The environment is important to those at The Martin Jahnsen Foundation and so we are pleased to announce that we have signed up to purchase RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) to offset our electrical use at the foundation.  This is another way that The Martin Jahnsen Foundation is committed to the environment. 

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