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    We thank those who have supported us. Without their support and generosity we would not be able to do what we do.  

    The Martin Jahnsen Foundation could not do what it does without the generous donations from Anne Jahnsen and the Jahnsen Family who pay all operational costs associated with this nonprofit.


    OtterBox has donated cases to the Martin Jahnsen Foundation giving worthy recipients the peace of mind knowing that their new iPad is protected by one of the best cases on the market.


    Zagg has been a tremendous donor for the Martin Jahnsen Foundation providing their award winning screen covers.  With the amount of use these iPads get, Zagg screen protectors are a wonderful way to protect any device. 

    Zoom, a leader in video and voice conferencing was generous enough to donate their products to us. 

    The Utah Grizzlies have donated tickets for their upcoming season and we are going to partner on a special night this fall.  Stay tuned. 

    Elevate has been amazing at providing us with products we can use for our events and giveaways.  

    District 22 Studios is the brains behind our GoFundMe campaign for the Spectrum Academy.  Visit their website to learn more or find ways to collaborate on your next project. 


    TechSoup creates new ways for other nonprofits to access technology, to connect, and to develop new skills. Find their nonprofit technology marketplace, NetSquared events, and tech-focused courses and webinars just for nonprofits at www.techsoup.org.

    The Hex Press

    These guys are awesome.  They make custom designed logos that can be screen printed onto anything.  Check them out. 


    The Hale Centre has provided tickets to their performances and will include us as a potential winner in the HCT Applaud program.  We are honored to be a part fo this. 


    As a small 501(c)3 we rely on the generous support of those sponsors above, but also from individuals in the community.  We have many ways to donate and your donations are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes to helping support those campaigns of the Martin Jahnsen Foundation.