Attached is the application for the iPad.  Please read all the pages and fill out completely.  When finished you may mail your application to that address listed in the application or email it to us.  Please make sure you write as legibly as possible.  You will received a confirmation of your submission within 48 hours of sending.  If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us.

You must meet the following requirements before submitting this application.

  • The individual you are applying for must have a disability or other diagnosis that could benefit from an iPad (i.e. autism, minimally verbal or non-verbal).
  • Reside in the United States of America.
  • Be in financial need. Proof is required. Gross income not to exceed $55K per year.
  • Have access to a computer.  An iTunes account will also be required, but can be created.

 Every application must have the following documentation to be processed: 

  • We must receive all required documentation listed below before the end of the close date of this application process which is MARCH 31st 2018.
  • Completed application with signature.
  • Letter from doctor (on letterhead) that includes the child’s diagnosis, history of illness, statement that an iPad would benefit and other relevant information.  NOTE: This can be submitted separate from the application, but must be received before the deadline.
  • First page of your most recent federal income tax return or W-2 (Please remove/black out SSN with example at the end of Application PDF)
  • Complete the media release form. 



Phone: (801)900.5439

Email: contactus@theMartinJahnsenFoundation.com

Website: www.TheMartinJahnsenFoundation.com 

The Martin Jahnsen Foundation will be accepting applications through the month of March 2018 ending the 31st.  Applications received will be acknowledged by email within 48-72 hours. Approved applications will be submitted to a lottery for the next allocation of iPads awarded. Unfortunately incomplete applications will not be considered, but we will do our best to reply when missing info is discovered. iPads will be awarded shortly after the close of the application process.  Winners will be contacted via email as listed on the application.